A New Look for Tina

My Aunt Tina and Uncle James have been married for almost thirty years. They are so in love with each other. They are dedicated to each other. I think that they are the perfect couple. The are very loving and caring towards each other. Recently, my aunt and uncle decided to celebrate their anniversary by renewing their wedding vows. They had everything planned except for one thing. My Aunt Tina was self-conscious about her looks. She realized that she was not that same young woman that married my uncle all those years ago. She needed aesthetic treatment in Singapore. She decided to get some of the wrinkles on her face.

Back in her younger days, my aunt was a professional model. She was so beautiful. All the men wanted her attention. Her looks were so good that she actually had an acting career. My uncle fell in love with her instantly as soon as he saw her for the first time. They met on a movie set. He was working as an associate producer at the time. He was immediately hooked onto her beauty. My uncle did not just fall for her looks, but her kind personality as well.

My Aunt Tina was depressed because she was not her younger self. She realized that she had to do something about her situation. She went to the aesthetic clinic for help. They gave her a free consultation. The doctor was friendly to her. He decided to do a chemical peel on her. The chemical peel would remove the wrinkles from her face. My aunt decided to go through with the procedure. She thought it was painless.

My Aunt Tina was so amazed by the results of the peel. She could not stop smiling. She renewed her vows with my uncle. She looked so happy on her anniversary.