Don’t Let the Power Company End Up Ruining Your Trees

Here in New York we are used to seeing trees even in the big cities. It is hard to find a sidewalk that doesn’t have at least some small trees growing. In the city, you see the trunks surrounded by those metal grates that are surrounded by concrete. On our street there is that grass strip that is between the sidewalk and the road. That is where we use a Nassau County tree service to keep the trees trimmed nicely. The power company will come down a street to trim branches away from the power lines, but it is indiscriminate cutting.

They hire tree cutters to come along and quickly cut limbs to keep them from coming in contact with power lines on poles. This results in an awful looking V shape to the tree canopies. You can see this plain as day if you look up on just about any residential street in New York. Our trees have a natural canopy shape because we use the Nassau County tree service to keep them properly pruned. We have them inspect the health of our trees too. Our trees look great and are very healthy. The trees our neighbors have look unnatural due to the cutting over the years just to keep the branches away from the power lines.

I figure that if you are going to have trees on your property, you should try to take care of them. I prune our small Japanese maple trees, but I would not attempt to prune the big ones out front. Even if I could, I do not think the trash haulers would take away all that wood. The cost to keep them pruned helps with maintaining the curb appeal of our house and helps keep our neighborhood looking better. I wish everyone thought this way.