I Spent the Weekend Moving Furniture

I spent the entire weekend helping out my friend and of course he was being taken advantage of by this cute girl. The truth is that it worked out far better for me than it did for him. This girl has a rich family, but that does not mean that she wants to pay for movers. She has a new condo at place called Treasure at Tampines in Singapore. I borrowed the truck from the office and we picked up her stuff from this place on the opposite site of the island. I certainly got paid for it and I filled the truck back up with diesel like the boss told me to do. So for me it was like a job, but this buddy of mine was like a lovesick puppy dog. It was sort of sad to be honest. At any rate there was another girl we ran into and she wanted to know how much we would charge to move some stuff.

It turned out that this was a really easy job. She had a bed and a dresser and a sofa, none of which were very heavy and the place that we picked it up from was only about ten minutes away. I sort of felt bad about having charged her the same price as the other girl who made us do about seven times as much work and far more traveling. So I gave her back some of the money, but she wouldn’t take it. Finally she said I had to let her make me a meal. It turned into a date, and I am pretty sure that was her plan. At any rate I am going to go out with her again next weekend. My buddy says this other girl does not answer when he calls. Of course I figured this would be the way it went down.