My Life is Full of Competition

I am a very competitive person. I cannot stand losing to anyone. I must be the champion at all times. I have trophies all over my walls. Second place is not good enough for me. This attitude has gotten me some success, but it has also got me in a world of trouble. I have had situations in which my competitive nature put me in bad positions. Once, I got into a standoff with a rival weightlifter at my local gym. I hurt my self really badly and I needed prp therapy in New Rochelle NY. I needed someone to fix my back completely.

It all started a month ago. I went to a brand new gym in my neighborhood. This gym was very nice. It had the best state of the art equipment and helpful staff. It was the perfect place. Another added bonus, the gym also had some of the most beautiful women in the entire city. They loved to flock around me and watch me lift weights in glee. They loved to watch me flex my muscles,

Until one day, things changed. A new jock named Amari came to the gym. His muscles were just as big as mine. He saw me struggling with a heavy weight. He laughed at me in front of the women. Amari came and picked up the weight easily I was so embarrassed. The ladies soon flocked towards him. I challenged him to see who was better. We both would lift the most weight to see who was the best. I was about to win, but I a sudden pain in my back. I threw out my back and was in real pain. I lost to Amari. I was so humiliated.

I contacted my doctor. He recommended prp therapy. I did not need surgery for my pain.