Natural Healing Material Made from Your Own Blood

I have always said that our own bodies can handle a lot of the healing even when things are severe. Then if you add on top of that something from your own body that promotes healing and get it to where the problem is, that should boost the process. This is why PRP therapy in Westchester County, NY looked interesting to me to research for things from hair loss to osteoarthritis. There is a growth factor in our platelets. Sure, they flow through all of our tissues all day as our hearts pump. However, concentrating them and injecting them into an injured area could boost healing times or even promote the restoration of hair.

The PRP is platelet-rich plasma. It is just the clear portion of your blood along with platelets. It is made from your own blood. All that is needed is a tiny amount. In some instances just a teaspoon of your blood. It is spun in a centrifuge to separate it. Then the medical person preparing the injection withdraws the plasma and platelets that have separated leaving the red blood cells behind. This platelet-rich plasma is then injected where the injury site is or into areas of your scalp where there is hair loss.

This puts the concentrated growth factor right where it is most needed. It goes right into the damaged area to promote healing and repair using stuff from your own body. It is not something that has an immediately discernible result as it is a promoter of healing and restoration. It is not a drug or something synthetic. It comes from your own body, is concentrated and put back in. Pretty simple. I don’t see how anything could get more natural than to come from your own body in the first place. It is better, in my opinion, than some other options.