Weeding Through the Rhetoric to Get to Political Facts

I have seen some strange things after the presidential election. People were actually crying and acting like the world just ended. I went to work the next day. Nothing changed. I voted the day before, and a new President was elected. The President is my president no matter if my party gets in or not. I honor the office, and I always try to honor the men who have held it so far. I thought we might have our first woman President last time. I see Trump News every day at a website that keeps track of all the stories coming out. It would be cool if they could do this retro for a few Presidents before.

I think it would be really cool to see side by side articles about the same topic with one being from a liberal news media outlet and the other from a conservative news media outlet. A third panel could be something like the BBC News that presents our political news in a much less biased way than our domestic media does. I weed through the rhetoric the best that I can to get to the real facts. I do not buy into the fake stuff whether it is about my candidate or the other people running. I do like to check things out for myself, and that Trump News site lets me see a bunch of articles about the day to day reporting about our President.

I think it is great to be informed, but we should all pay attention as to where we are getting our information from. I think it is also important to keep in mind that it is Congress that runs the country, not the President. We should put all that energy we put into Presidential elections into Congressional ones too. That would really bring about a change to the political environment.